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Projects - Fouquette Garage

Location:East Freetown, MA
Description:This is a 2600 sq ft. garage that has been featured on NESN's TV show CRUSIN' NEW ENGLAND. There were some time constaints on this project, only 3 days to complete this amazing floor before the tv crew would arriveed to shoot this new segment. WE DID IT IN 2 DAYS, 4 colors of "PAP" coatings were chosen and mapped out in this unique pattern. The colors were installed in such a manner that the time could be minimized. The following day all of the automobiles were moved back in and the tv crew filmed their show.
Click to enlarge the checker board image. Click to enlarge the checkered_floor pap 12 car garage.
Click to enlarge checkered_floor pap mian pic. Click to enlarge garage_floor_coatings.
Click to enlarge solid color pap.