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What about cracks?

Cracks can enhance the look of the finished product, in the portfolio Montavalo Entry; the front entry had a fracture that was very noticeable before the stain. The after photos show the crack blends into the surface well.


When a floor has a crack and is unfinished, your eye goes right to it. If you paint or epoxy the floor the same will happen, however, if you stain the floor the mottled look will hide the crack and not draw your eye directly to it. Remember, marble has veining that belongs and in our floors the crack will look the same.


How durable is it?

There are a few options on the protective surface coating.

 We offer an acrylic sealer that will work great on exterior surfaces but will require re-application every year or two. If used indoors we protect the sealer with wax, this will also need to be maintained periodically depending on the volume of traffic.


We also offer polyaspartic alphalitic polyurea (PAP). This coating is the Cadillac of surface coatings, once applied it is virtually maintenance free. PAP is 3 times more durable than epoxy, heat resistant to 300degees, UV stable and will not discolor in the sun, 100% submersible in water and cures fully in two hours. P.A.P had unmatched resistance to a number of chemicals including but not limited to all automotive fluids.  This toping is recommended for all garage and commercial applications.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a stain job depends on a few factors, age of the concrete, condition of the concrete, amount of sq ft, blank or scored lines, number of colors and sealer choice.

Ill give a general estimate for example; A 500sqft patio poured a month ago outside and clean with no stains, one color and no scored lines with an acrylic sealer as a top coat would be approx $3sqft. If we add scored tile lines the cost would go up approx $1sqft.


How is it less expensive than tile?

When installing tile there are generally two costs, the expense of the tile and the labor and material to install it. The tile itself can vary from the low of $.50sqft to highs more than $50.sqft. But the labor has a national average. $3.75sq ft nationally. We can complete a stain job for less than that without the price of the tile.


What about stains on the floor?

We surface all concrete and use degreasers on stains; this process removes a slight layer of the top to expose a clean layer ready for staining. oil stains are extremely tough to remove and some times will show through the stain job. In some cases if the color is right we can attempt to “work the stain in” to our look and visually hide it.


Will it be slippery?

Yes, all of the sealers we apply can be slippery. We offer an additive that will improve traction and slip-resistance but remain virtually invisible, having little to no effect on the beauty of the floor. This can be added to all of out top coats.


What if my floor is damaged, can it be stained?

This is tricky, the answer is yes, but will it be visually appealing? Floors with carpet tack strip nail holes or patches and voids will show all of this when finished. There are things that can be done to rectify these problems. A carpet tack strip hole riddled floor can be fixed by adding a border to the room. We would skim coat this border with a microtopping that will hide the holes, and then begin the staining process. This will result in a border of a different color because the skim coat will accept the stain differently from the rest of the concrete giving a nice two tone framed look. The same goes for a patched floor, except it may require a total skim coat then the staining process.


Can I use this on my second floor?

Again, tricky, the answer is yes, but there will be added steps to establish the correct substrate to allow for an overlay or a second level pour of concrete. We do not recommend this.


I have radiant heat, can I still stain my floors?

YES! It goes hand and hand. This is the perfect match for a radiant floor. The concrete is left exposed to do its job of heating and the stain makes everything look finished, we highly recommend this.



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