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About Our Company

Sick of plain old grey concrete? So were we...

We started this company as an alternative to stamped concrete and a solution to plain grey existing slabs. Acid stain has been around for many years and becoming increasingly popular. As a tile alternative, for about the price of labor on a tile floor, you can have a completed job in stain, without the price of the tile. Since we set the lines, you can pick any size tile pattern you like. Even 3'x3', try that in tile, the cost would be outrageous. In a living space, if we score, stain and seal, protect it with wax; it will add color and texture, truly finishing the space, giving you the look of a living room or kitchen straight out of a magazine. It’s not only for the inside of your home. We also do garage floors and patios. Today’s building techniques have included plastered and painted garage walls..... but the floor is still dusty and grey. Acid staining will add the finished touch to complete the space and eliminate the dust. The product we use to protect the floor, in most cases, are epoxies and urethanes. These products hold up well to a variety of chemicals and are so hard; they will resist tire marking and scratches. Do you have a logo you would like imprinted or the look of a traditional compass. Your imagination is our limit. Great for patios, walkways, garages, basements, and any place you would place concrete. It works hand and hand with radiant floors, adding elegance and class at an affordable price.

How it works
The products we use are high quality acid stain from KEMIKO, a leader in acid technology. The acid is applied directly to the exposed concrete. The result is a chemical reaction with the existing salts and minerals that exist in the slab, chemically altering the color of the concrete. This is not a surface treatment...the color is "in the concrete". Since the concrete has different amounts of these salts and minerals from inch to inch. The color will vary from inch to inch creating a beautiful mottled look. The best part is the actual look cannot be reproduced a second time on another slab, creating a one of a kind look. The color may be the same but the mottling will be different. The surface can be treated however you would like. We offer sealing in gloss and matte, gloss epoxy, gloss urethane and wax.